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Depending on how it is taught, history is seen as one of the most boring subjects in the world today. If history scares you, onlineclassaids.com history assignment help service can help you get interested in the subject again.

The word “history” comes from the Greek word “historia,” which means “knowledge” or “an inquiry found through research.” It is mostly about learning about the past of people and covers a wide range of topics, such as events, people, economies, societies, culture, etc.

History is the study of what happened and why. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as ancient history, modern history, cultural history, theology, and so on. Modern history has many subtopics, such as pre-modern, post-modern, international history, etc.

History is a very broad subject, so there are many ways to study it. This has led students to look for help with their history assignments. An online history assignment helps a student find the right way to gather historical facts.

Why study the past? How did the study of history lead to the rise of history homework help services?

History means studying the past. We live in a world with many different cultures, and when someone asks us why we celebrate a holiday, we either say that our family has been doing it for a long time or give him a general idea of the reason without going into detail. History has to be studied if you want to know the real reason why something happened. Everything has a history, and our history assignment help can explain how different countries came to be and how freedom and rights were set up. When you know the history behind a holiday, not only will you be able to correct your own facts, but you will also be able to correct the facts of other people. So, history is an important subject for students to learn.

Historiography is the study or writing of how a history was written or is being written. For example, it is the study of the person who wrote the history, such as whether the writer wrote based on facts or his own opinion, whether the facts are correct, etc. Historiography is very important for many reasons, and one of them is to analyse a written history in a critical way. It helps us figure out if the facts are true and keeps us from making wrong assumptions. When students started getting homework on historiography, online history homework help started to pop up.

What are the most important ideas about History?

To understand history is a difficult task that requires a lot of information from historical sources like pictures, writing, and art. Here are some of the most important ideas in history:

Change: If you want to understand a historical event, you have to write down the change, explain it, and rate it.

Cause and effect: There is always a clear reason why something happens. When something happens, it has a certain effect. Cause and effect help us figure out how much of an effect something had on society after it happened.

Evaluation of historical events helps people understand how important different events were. It is an important idea that helps build the conclusion.

Frameworks like political, economic, social, and cultural help the historian organise their writing when they are talking about a certain group.

It refers to the historical facts that are found in different documents, newspapers, and other sources.

Schools for writing history

There are different schools that talk about the idea of history and give clear and complete information about history and all of the ideas and topics that are actually connected to history. Here is a list of some well-known and well-liked schools that talked about history and explained the details in their own way.

Herodotus and Thucydides are thought to be the fathers of history and of writing about history. They saw history as something that people made on their own, separate from what God made. History of the Peloponnesian War, a book by Thucydides, shows how he wrote history in a clear way. Use our history homework help to learn more about this style of writing.

This way of writing history is connected to Saint Augustine and dates back to the Middle Ages. It explains history in terms of how God made things happen. Our ideas for history projects will help you learn more about your school.

In the 17th and 19th centuries, there was a change in how history was written from a religious point of view. This is what is called the “Enlightenment school of history.” Historians began to write about the past from a scientific point of view, explaining why things happened the way they did. Hegel’s ideas made us decide to make this change. Leopold von Ranke was a well-known historian during this time, and his ideas changed the way history was written in a big way. If you want the best help writing about history, go to Totalassignmenthelp.com.

Annales School of History Writing: One of the things that this school did well was writing about social history. This school had a big impact on how history was written in the 20th century. Lucien Febvre and March Bloch were two of the most important people who came up with this idea. Fernand Braudel and Georges Duby came after them. They helped us understand what historians thought when they wrote a history. Get in touch with our history assignment help service to get a detailed paper on all the historical changes that happened during this time.

The British Marxist way of writing history is another way that Eric Hobsbawm, EP Thompson, and Christopher Hill came up with. They used Marxist ideas to figure out what happened in history. They said that history was a fight between two classes, with each group trying to take control of the other.

Postmodernist history writing: This kind of history writing came about after World War II. They didn’t start a school of thought, but they did work on being able to think critically. They had doubts about the idea that truth is the same for everyone, put an emphasis on how different people have different ways of understanding the past, and rejected the idea of objective history. This style of writing can be seen in the work of Michel Foucault, such as Histories of Madness, etc. Our writers who help with history assignments will help you learn more about the modernist history of writing.

Other writing styles: Besides the ones listed above, there are other writing styles, such as feminist history, which focuses on the history of women. The sunbaltern history is mostly about the history of sunbaltern groups, such as farmers, workers, and so on.

Putting history into groups

Since there are many different ways to study history, it is not necessary for a historian to look at all of it in his work. The diagram below shows the different fields of study and gives an explanation of each one:

Help With My History Homework

Social history: Historians from the British Marxist School and the Annales School brought it to the public’s attention. It focuses on things like social habits, customs, practises, and so on. It shows how the average person dealt with changes in history and what changes those changes brought with them.

It tells about different political events, such as wars, changes in power, rulers, countries, etc. It shows how big changes have caused political upheavals all over the world.

Military history: This study looks at different military changes, like wars and changes in power, as well as the strategies and technologies that were used at the time.

Cultural history was a big deal in the second half of the 20th century. It helps show how culture changed history, how people interpreted historical events through culture, etc. It helps us understand the music, customs, art, festivals, etc. that people did in the past and connects us to them.

Economic history is the study of businesses and the way people and the country’s economy worked in the past. It helps to understand the big-picture changes in society.

Contact our history assignment help service if you want to know more about the above classification.

How does history progress?

There are different times in history, like the ancient, mediaeval, and modern times. Over time, history came to be seen as a steady march of good things. After the dark Middle Ages, people thought of ancient history as a golden age where liberal and progressive ideas thrived. There was sadness and hopelessness, and the Age of Enlightenment led to the Age of Progress. When our writers help you with your history homework, they will tell you in detail about the different times in history.

Historicism is a way of thinking about history that questions what historians say about the past. The new generation of historians has criticised the progressive view of history because it puts a lot of weight on culture, relativism, and pieces of historical truth. This approach is like postmodern history.

Regions of history: Many accounts of history have been written, but modern history has been written with a Euro-American bias. Most historians are from Europe, which has led to a concentration of history. They think that the changes in social and economic conditions that Europeans are going through should also happen in other parts of the world.

Post-Colonial History: This history criticises the way history is written from a European point of view and focuses on the European colonies, which has led to some interesting works. Some of the areas where you can specialise are:

  • History of South Asia with a focus on colonialism and the British rule in India.
  • History of Latin America that focuses on how the countries in Latin America changed after Spain and Portugal took over.
  • History of Africa that focuses on how it became a group of states after being colonised.

Our history assignment help experts say that, in addition to the above historical areas, there are also:

  • West Europe
  • The continent of North America
  • England

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What you shouldn’t do when writing a history paper

History is an important subject that helps with a lot of other subjects. It is an interdisciplinary subject that looks at issues on the edges as well as the main questions. If you have a history assignment, you should do a lot of research on the subject before writing the assignment. When looking for history assignment topics, you should stay away from a lot of sources that aren’t reliable. To answer different parts of a history assignment, you will need to look for academic and relevant sources. When you make a point, it should be backed up by a source from the academic world. If a historical event is confusing, don’t use it because it will make a bad impression on the professor and lower your grades. Our history assignment help writers will help you do your history assignment by making sure you don’t make any of the mistakes listed above.

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