How does this actually work? What’s the process?

After logging in to our website you will see our courses, add all the important due dates regarding projects, and give passwords related to your online classes to qualified professionals. You hire qualified experts to connect to your courses and send emails, after that, you should start seeing results after 1-2 working days. Make sure one thing regarding your singing date and the day after any important deadlines.

I have a test that’s due tonight! Can you help me out?

Yes, we can help out, usually, we require 24 hours for accurate analysis of the important assignment and due dates. If something is very important to you give us a call, and we try level best to meet your requirements. But we charge high for work on the same date.

How Is Pricing Determined?

Every course has different prices; there are several factors to consider such as o What is the project and level of the project or course? o Duration of the course. o Depend on the work like how many assessment, test, assignments, and homework. o The urgency of the work

Can you help me out with everything? Including discussion posts?

YES! We can help you out with everything from A to Z.

Do you offer an ‘Entire Course’ Packaged deal?

Yes, we can offer the entire course help from start to end. Dependency of the course like how much work is involved in that makes a difference. The curriculum and work are distinguished in every course, so we have different package deals for students. They contact us by the call at any time and get more information about package deals.

Will the school know I’m logged in from a different IP address?

We've taken thousands of courses, and IP address has never been a problem. Logging in from a country other than the US can be a red flag, so we only work with tutors who live and work in the US.

Do I need to buy textbooks?

Students can save their money because we don’t require any textbook reference very often. Apart from homework is directly connected to textbooks or classes that are not common in today’s era.

How is your teaching makes improvement in student's knowledge and preparation?

Our highly qualified professionals focus on concepts with present examples in their assignments for conceptual understanding. Our academic team is committed to reviewing a student’s performance after every period and makes sure the preparation is planned accordingly.

Is there any other way a student can ask queries except online classes?

Yes, students can connect to teachers through their WhatsApp, and email, which will be shared by the concerned professors for discussion. It makes it possible to connect with them and provide instant reply.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

If you are a new student then we suggest buying one course at a time. Our website offers many courses throughout the year, you have a chance to come back and continue your study with one or more topics.

How do I select a course?

Visit our library page and search the subjects, you will find different subjects or various topics. You will able to see courses that reflect according to your interest to see the details about it.

What can I do, if I need technical assistance?

If you are struggling with technique issues, then you first contact the IT service desk. In most cases, they will resolve the problem. In case they are not able to solve your problem then they will guide you right resource to solve your issue.

What kind of student does well with online learning?

Generally, the method of teaching depends on course to course and instructors who have pre-recorded classes, synchronous lectures, videos, interactive chats, and so on.

What methods will be used to teach my online course?

There is no particular fix methods we used. Whatever suits as per course syllabus or students needs will work accordingly. Normally students send login credentials and will finish the work. If they have any query so will resolve through zoom session or our details notes.

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