Online student problems

Online education is fantastic. They are flexible, and you don't have to drive to college and endure a tiresome lecture.

Online classes, like any college course, have drawbacks. For instance, many students contend that because they are not required to attend weekly lectures, professors of online classes demand more work from their pupils.

I've personally experienced the following issues with online education.

1. Internet issues

You're in the library trying to take an online exam that accounts for 30% of your mark because your roommate is being annoyingly loud. You opened Blackboard, and the Internet had been operating without a hitch.

Every second counts as soon as you press open (especially if you didn't study), but the Internet has now decided to go offline.

All of us have been there. This is unquestionably the biggest issue facing online students.

2. Long lines 

Why is a proctored exam required to be taken in a testing centre when online classes are supposed to be taken entirely online? This is illogical.

So you must travel to college, okay? That's not really a huge deal… until you notice that there is a long wait outside the door because everyone on campus decided, at the last minute, to take their exam at the same time as you.

3 Too much talking writing

Discussion board entries that talk too much are bad. You must not only read all of your classmates' tedious posts, but you must also reply to them.

The lecturer requires roughly 50 of these posts each week, which is the worst part. Ridiculous!

4. Extended reading

Professors make up for the lack of live lectures in online classes by giving extensive reading assignments from books. In essence, they never have to teach, and all you have to do to prepare for the cumulative exam at the end of the semester is memorise and underline.

What drawbacks do you see with online education? Tell us in the remarks section below.

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